Morehouse College Football

Morehouse College, the nation's only private, historically black liberal arts college for men, who enjoyed the best season of football since 1930. The current team is 5-1 and trailing the leaders in the Conference, Albany State. Morehouse Maroon Tigers also ranked at number sixteen in (AFCA) Poll of the National American Association Football Coach. This is the first time that Morehouse was ever in the top 25 polls.

Morehouse plays in NCAA Division II Athletic Conference in the South. There are five games remaining on their schedule this season, two of which will be played in Atlanta. All game play Conference. Scoreboard infringement Morehouse has been led by a trio of quarterbacks this season: William Brack, Byron Ingram, Donnay and Ragland. Running back David Carter, a freshman from Marietta, Georgia, leading the team in rushing yardage. Senior defensive lineman Derrin "Freight Train" nettles has been outstanding on defense, forcing turnovers and sacking opposing quarterbacks.

Maroon Tigers head coach is Rich Freeman. The Atlanta native has been at Morehouse since the 2007 season. Before coming to Morehouse, Freeman spent two seasons at Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee, where he served as an assistant head coach and defensive coordinator. He has coached at several other colleges, primarily as a defensive specialist. Morehouse plays their home matches at B.T. Harvey Stadium. This facility was built in 1983 and was named Athletic Trainer of the most successful in the history of Morehouse. The stadium has a seating capacity of 9,000.

Morehouse College is located on the campus of 66 acres in the historic West End of Atlanta, just a few minutes from the city centre. Founded in 1867, the College is part of the Atlanta University Center, which is a consortium of colleges and universities in the black world. Other institutions within the group are Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and the Interdenominational Theological Center, Morehouse School of Medicine. Students from campuses regularly participate in joint classes and social events.

The next match will be against home rivals Morehouse major conference, Albany State University on October 23. It will be a Homecoming for Morehouse, and they will be trying to take over first place in their Conference. Students, alumni, and fans hoping for an interesting match up.

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Are Liberal Arts Degrees absolutely ' Liberal '?

The study of the liberal arts is a discipline of classical, are intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills rather than professional skills or employment focused. The scope of the liberal arts has changed with society. It also emphasizes the education of elites in the classic but, with the advent of science and Humanities during the age of enlightenment, the scope and meaning of "liberal arts" expanded to include them. A degree in liberal arts may provide a basis for career advancement due to train students to write effectively and analytical thinking while also allowing them to explore the nature of liberal arts studies. Some of the popular liberal arts fields of study include:

Early childhood development if you are interested in the development of early childhood and wants to become a public school teacher, you must complete a Bachelor's degree. All States require a Bachelor's degree as a prerequisite for licensing teachers. Online degree in early childhood education provides academic requirements for various career levels of work related to childcare and early childhood education in the public sector and private sector. A Bachelor's degree typically takes four years to complete. Bachelor's degree programs usually focus on the issues of class and Pre-KINDERGARTEN through grade three instructional methods.

Sociologists studying the Sociology of human behavior as it relates to human interaction in the guidelines of the organizational structure. Human behavior is influenced and regulated by guidelines of the social, religious, and legal. Sociologists study the behavior and influence that preserve a certain behavior and other changes. Sociology is also a broad science encompassing various disciplines within the social sciences. Sociology also studied the action more real than human behavior such as class or social status, social movements, criminal lapses, and even revolution.

The main philosophy of philosophy is the most common type of degree you can earn. It focuses on "the nature of being", knowledge, and reflect on the true and false in moral issues. His philosophy is to train you to become a well regimented and creative, learn to reason through the abstract question. Students will apply their knowledge to form an argument for debate. Principles of philosophy influenced the fields of study like physics and religion. Every religious belief and science is the material covered in the philosophical investigations. Skills that help in the program philosophy You puzzle solving skills, critical thinking, debating, reading skills and thought processes are organized, and the ability to think outside the box.

Education for Liberal Arts

The Online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies or Bachelor of Science degree consists of a core curriculum that is integrated in the art and science combined with specialization a student directed. The title of the popular liberal arts for those with a higher career ambition, too. A lot of the future law or foreign service professionals find that earned a degree in liberal arts, such as political science is the starting point of the great in their academic activities – it's both personally rewarding and profitable for the course they will take as they progress. A BA in liberal arts can also provide the basis for a career in medicine and business.

Students with a degree in liberal arts enriches the knowledge that exists in the world and develop a broader framework for understanding social change in a global context. If you think a liberal arts degree is what you are looking for, search our database for online degree programs today.

What Can You Learn In Art School?

One thing that many people say when they get older is that they hope they've been in a place like art or music at school or in college that will give them that little bit more satisfaction from their lives. It is a sad fact that many people as they approached middle age, are likely to have regrets about what they choose to do with their lives. Luckily though, it's never too late to go back to the University of the arts and learning about something you have always wanted. This of course applies to people of all ages as well.

Here is some information about what you're going to have to look forward to if you apply and get accepted.

The History Of Art

One of the first major classes you will have will focus on the history of art. For people who have a natural relationship to modern art, it is a study might make you want to stay in bed all day, but it is a very important part of the school of art. Knowing the history of art will give you a due date on your own style of painting and will allow you to have a unanimous opinion as possible about all the many paintings and sculptures are generally people refer to as a classic. Able to follow the art style and also specific methods used by certain artists will allow you to transfer all the perceptions of people about the piece on your own with respect skilled with your subject.

Technical Skills

School art course will teach you all the technical skills you need to be able to produce fruit in a variety of media. You will learn about techniques in the brush and selection, how to make affect the use of art materials that are different and the proper use of easels. This will teach you about creating a depth using shadows and perspective and on how to play with the public perception to provoke a response that's right for your job.

Emotional Skills

Is an important skill you'll learn is how to get in touch with your emotions. Often a teacher will ask you to try and draw out the emotion of your subject and reproducing them on the page. This will help you to explore your emotional maturity. Photography is a popular form of artistic expression that has touched all our lives through newspapers and films, and art school can teach you how to capture key moments that really will take the audience or convey a message that gets a response. After all, a picture tells a thousand words.

Know More About The Technology Of Digital Art

If you are interested in pursuing coursework in digital art from digital arts Engineering College, You need to know more about what the school digital art is all about. Digital art schools is generally a place where you will be trained in the use of computers to create art in digital form. This is more of a contemporary art using digital media and mass production. The use of digital technology in the arts also brought the new art forms like installation art, digital art, and virtual reality.

Some aspects of the art has changed from traditional art (such as drawing, painting, and sculpture) to modern art because of the incorporation of digital technology. Some new art forms have also been developed. Some new art forms that you would expect to find in a digital arts school are:

Digital art installation was the use of a three-dimensional work to change the perception of a particular space. Installation works of art has been built in galleries and museums and elsewhere. This style combines a variety of ingredients such as new media (voice, video, performance, virtual reality) and the internet. Many installations that are designed to only exist in the space created.

Art NET is the use of the internet as a platform in which to make art. The artists are applies the so-called artists clean. This is the art form most often participatory, interactive and multimedia-based. However, it does not refer to art that has been uploaded can be seen on the internet. This is purely dependent on the internet for it exists.

Virtual reality is a technology that allows the simulation of the interaction between a user and a computer simulation of the environment either real or imaginary. The visual experience is displayed on a computer screen or on a stereoscopic display. It also includes additional information such as sound through speakers, etc.

It covers the art of digital photography, computer graphics, and computer-assisted paintings. All this is a very interesting field to pursue digital art school. You can enrol to the University digital art techniques to all of this and more. Digital Arts Engineering Colleges prepare students for an exciting career as a digital artist.